Amazon – Stop Promoting and Profiting from a Child Abuse Manual!

Another blog post explaining why Amazon should stop profiting from this book encouraging ‘Training’…

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Train a Child

Many of you may be aware of the controversial book, “To Train Up a Child” that has sold over 800,000 copies!  I bought a copy of this book in order to investigate its contents, purchasing it for a penny plus postage, because I was not going to contribute to the $1.7 million annual revenue earned by this damaged and dangerous man who promotes the torture of children.  I’ve found sites that quote from the book, but I can say having read this disgusting tomb on how to destroy a child, that the entire book is one sentence after another promoting the control of children through indifference, cruelty or violence.

I didn’t need to read the book, to know that Michael Pearls is a terrible threat to children and vulnerable parents, because I came across a YouTube video of him where he demonstrated his barbaric disciplinary practices.


As if this…

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