To Cane Up a Child – Amazon you disgust me….


So for those of you that are new to this disgrace, Amazon and a few other retailers were/are selling a parenting book called ‘To Train Up a Child: Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children’ by Michael Pearl. In a nutshell, this book advocates the use of a switch (stick or cane), belt or flexible plumbing hose to ‘parent’ your child.

Understandably, many retailers have been mortified to discover this book for sale on their shelves. Wesley Owens, the Christian book seller even went so far as to apologise when a customer email brought the matter to their attention;

“This is not a book we would ever stock or would ever want to stock, and I can only apologise that it has been mistakenly listed on our website. We will deal with this as soon as we can.

Once again, thank you for brining this to our attention. I can only apologise for the presence of the book on our website.”

 Equally Foyles stated;

 “Thank you for your email drawing attention to the availability of How To Train a Child by Matthew and Debi Pearl our ebook website: this was the first we had heard about the book, so we appreciate your highlighting it.

We rely on third-party feeds to keep our databases of available titles up-to-date and while we do limit this feed as much as possible, the sheer number of titles now available means that it is not always feasible for us to examine the credentials of each title individually; this means that occasionally titles that we would not wish to carry have slipped through.

We agree with you that this is an entirely unsuitable item and we have now removed all versions from our site.”

Many other retailers, such as Waterstones have now withdrawn this title and good on them – they  will all certainly be getting my business this Christmas.  So what say Amazon? Are they withdrawing it? No. In fact they have stated categorically that they won’t.  What makes this different from the other books on child abuse that Amazon have withdrawn? I have no idea. Perhaps Amazon would like to explain? Amazon exactly WHAT distinction do you make between the different categories of child abuse? Is it because one is sexual abuse and one physical? Is physical violence less ‘obscene’ to you? Scotland certainly doesn’t think so, as it has been illegal there to use any implements other than an open hand when disciplining a child since October 2003.

So moving to my next point Amazon, how does selling the book in Scotland work for you? Because in my opinion, surely by doing that you’re kind of encouraging an illegal act aren’t you? Maybe you can put me straight on this one.  Even if it’s not illegal, it’s still immoral. What leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth is that as your customer, you think I care more about having ‘all’ books available than I do about preserving children’s lives. Children such as Hana Williams, Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz. As far as I know, no-one died as a result of ‘The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct’ but you withdraw it. Children die from parents interpreting this  Train Up A Child ‘guide’ yet you refuse to remove it. You have lost me. In EVERY sense of the word.

I have cancelled my Amazon Prime Account, and will shortly be cancelling my Amazon credit card. Amazon, you seem to think the definition of ‘corporate social responsibility’  means ‘the person organising the office Christmas party’. It doesn’t. You might want to follow the link and look it up some time. I will also be boycotting Amazon until it withdraws this book from sale in all formats. No Black Friday sales for them from me that’s for sure.

If you’d like to join me, PLEASE PLEDGE to promise the same HERE – let’s show them how much business they are losing from not listening to their customers. In the meantime, as it’s Friday, please PLEASE change your picture on Facebook/Twitter to the Boycott Amazon picture above, and feel free to retweet the link that led you here or the following….

I pledge to boycott @Amazon until ‘To Train Up a Child’ is withdrawn from sale #BlackoutFriday #BlackFriday Please RT if you agree

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Pledge to boycott Amazon until they remove “To Train Up A Child” from sale worldwide in all formats.

Amazon: Remove from both print and Kindle sale ‘To Train Up a Child: Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children’ Remove the book “To Train Up a Child” by Michael and Debi Pearl

Amazon: Refuse to carry books which advocate the physical abuse of children.

If anyone has any other ideas that may be helpful, please please contact us or follow me here on Twitter or here on facebook for updates. Thanks so much guys, we’re getting somewhere.


Amazon – Stop Promoting and Profiting from a Child Abuse Manual!

Another blog post explaining why Amazon should stop profiting from this book encouraging ‘Training’…

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.50.44 AM


Train a Child

Many of you may be aware of the controversial book, “To Train Up a Child” that has sold over 800,000 copies!  I bought a copy of this book in order to investigate its contents, purchasing it for a penny plus postage, because I was not going to contribute to the $1.7 million annual revenue earned by this damaged and dangerous man who promotes the torture of children.  I’ve found sites that quote from the book, but I can say having read this disgusting tomb on how to destroy a child, that the entire book is one sentence after another promoting the control of children through indifference, cruelty or violence.

I didn’t need to read the book, to know that Michael Pearls is a terrible threat to children and vulnerable parents, because I came across a YouTube video of him where he demonstrated his barbaric disciplinary practices.


As if this…

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THAT Book ‘To Train Up a Child’ and why people are so angry….


So, by now you’ve probably become aware of the twitter meltdown that has occurred as a result of ‘that book’. You might have read some of the articles and blog posts about it. You might already have made up your mind about what you think – you might think it’s disgusting, you might have signed the petition. For all those that haven’t, for whatever reason, this post is addressed to you.

Let me start by explaining why I feel so strongly. I am a mother who has watched my daughter blossom into the centre of my universe. When I was pregnant, as a future first time parent  I was desperate for advice. I bought every parenting manual I could get my hands on. Why would I trust my own instinct when I had never embarked upon this before? Now, as an older and somewhat wiser veteran, I’ve come to realise that some of these ‘expert’ books would have been more productively used as toilet paper.

This brings me to my first point. It’s sold in the ‘child development’ category, and listing it as such can be seen to give this book some sort of authority, some scientific ‘clout’ if you like. I can assure you this book comes from no such place, in fact any evidence-based research you might care to look up will inform you of the exact opposite of what this book recommends. If it was your Paediatrician giving you this advice, you’d be concerned about his practice right? I was introduced to this abomination by the equally outraged parenting consultant Jane Evans. Indeed, many leading experts in childcare (such as Sue Gerhardt) signed the original petition to remove books such as this from sale.

This brings me on to my second point. As some people have pointed out, this book has been on sale since 1993/4 so why has it taken until now for people to complain about it? The fact is, there have been multiple ongoing campaigns to get rid of this book over the years. The situation regarding this book is complicated; Amazon have been asked a number of times (including by the NSPCC)to remove this book from sale and have so far refused, which brings me to my next two points…

We are not calling for the ‘banning’ of this book. We are not suggesting that we hoover up all worldwide copies and burn them. In fact, we are not concerned with the authors at all. What our campaign is about, is that companies like Amazon who have a corporate social responsibility, are profiteering from a book that validates child abuse. Let’s be very clear about this here – this book doesn’t just suggest you smack your child, it tells you to hit babies and children repeatedly with various implements including a switch (stick), flexible plumbing pipe or belt. I’d include some quotes but they make my stomach turn and there’s plenty available on the internet.

Now you may still be thinking you disagree, and of course in this country of free speech (that I am extremely grateful for) censorship is a tricky issue to navigate. If, like some, you are of the opinion that Amazon et al are doing the right thing by refusing to take down ANY books, I’d like to point out the following……

Amazon HAVE in the past, removed books from sale that were deemed inappropriate. Presumably if you think we are “descending down a slippery slope” when we remove books from sale, you must therefore think they should re-instate these?

‘Taking My Drunk Daughter’

‘The Paedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct.’

Do you? If you do, maybe a better use of your time should be petitioning Amazon to put these books back up for sale. You think I’m being ridiculous? It’s a different issue? I would urge you to look more closely at your own argument for continuing to sell this one; after all, they are all about the same theme – illegal child abuse. Some people have also suggested that taking it off sale will ‘make it more desirable’. Really?  These are usually the same people that say that ‘normal’ people would ignore it, and that you have to be into that sort of thing to buy the book.

You can’t have it both ways I’m afraid. Either you think only abusers would buy it (in which case they will get hold of it regardless of whether it is/isn’t on sale @Amazon so why make it more easily accessible), or you think this campaign will ‘encourage’ people to buy it. What people? You and me? Naive parents? In which case, you’ve only strengthened my argument for taking this revolting text down. While we are at it, if you are one of the people arguing against removing it when you have no idea what it’s about yet, I’d strongly urge you to take a look before you wade into the argument.  If you are going to have an opinion, please for all our sakes make it an informed one, for credibility if nothing else.

Lastly, and this is my other main reason for objecting so strongly to this book, I work in mental health. I am a third year mental nursing student about to begin my placement rotation. The enormity of how our early years shape our ongoing adult mental health, are all too familiar to me. One in four people suffer with mental health issues, and any quick Google search will provide you with and outline of the impact of poor attachment, abuse and neglect in relation to increasing risk of mental illness. Every day I am faced with the resulting distress of individual childhoods that no human being should ever have had to experience.

This is why I am standing in solidarity with the fantastic Saying Goodbye UK, in asking companies to remove this material from sale. If joining this campaign means that one less person buys this book, then that is good enough for me, and worth every minute of my time. If it’s worth a minute of your time, please take it to sign my petition, read the wonderful open letters written to Amazon and Apple by the lovely @ADadCalledSpen,  or let Amazon know what you think. Many people are already standing with us, including MP Nadine Dorries, who’s concern is so great that she has raised the issue in the House of Commons. We need to stand up for those who are more vulnerable, who aren’t allowed a voice – will you be standing with us? #lovenotbeat

Feel free to follow me on twitter by clicking HERE

If you’d like to join me in #BoycottAmazon until they remove all formats of the book, we’ve got a ‘pledgebank’ at the bottom so you can promise the same. In the meantime, as it’s coming up to #BlackFriday, please PLEASE change your picture on Facebook/Twitter to the Boycott Amazon picture above, and feel free to retweet the link that led you here or the following….

I pledge to boycott @Amazon until ‘To Train Up a Child’ is withdrawn from sale #BlackoutFriday #BlackFriday Please RT if you agree

Also feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE this article or anything on Facebook, and if you haven’t yet signed the petitions, you can find them all HERE on the Facebook page or click on the following link. ..

Pledge to boycott Amazon until they remove “To Train Up A Child” from sale worldwide in all formats.

Why Thorpe Park’s Asylum truly is frightening….

During the last few days, twitter has been awash with the Asylum debate. Many have added their voice, with opposing sides growing with each click of the mouse. Many have argued that the objections are “political correctness gone mad” (the irony) and that it is ok as it is not a ‘realistic portrayal’ of those suffering with mental illness. Surely though, this is exactly the point.
Let’s just drill this down, particularly as some supporters of the maze are drawing comparisons with other insensitively named rides. Some of the other rides (such as Warner Bros Arkham Asylum – Shock Therapy) are merely just that; rides with a disappointing name only. Thorpe Park Asylum on the other hand, is something quite different.

The difference is what is used to generate the fear – or put the ‘fright’ into Fright Night. Indeed the asylums of old, with long white corridors and barbaric treatments are enough to frighten anyone… but is this what is used to produce that moment of pure panic to Joe Public? No.

The walls are not about to cave in and bury you, and there are no ‘treatments’ that you will be subjected to by an actor dressed as barbaric staff. In fact, there are no ‘medical staff’ present in the maze- and this is where the ‘frightening’ truth starts to become apparent. You see, the ‘fear’ is generated purposefully by the interaction with the patients. The whole premise of Asylum, is that the building has been taken over by the ‘dangerous’ people it was constructed to control. For added effect and association, the ‘mental patients’ are covered in various wounds to perpetuate the thought that you will come to physical harm, culminating in being chased with a chainsaw for reinforcement.

In short, the sinister undertone of ‘‘They’ will hurt us if we don’t control ‘them’’ seems to be the main theme for the whole sorry spectacle, and one that purposefully continues to adhere to damaging stereotypes that are both inaccurate and dangerous. People with mental health issues are already at greater risk of violence without intentionally bolstering existing stigma for profit. Indeed, far more frightening than anything Thorpe Park’s ‘event’ has to offer, is the realisation that they would purposely engineer such a menacing association to turn a quick buck.

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